Are Winter Sports Activities Best for Fitness?

A father was recently sentenced to time in prison after mistreating his daughters, and forcing them to ski to lose weight. Although this story is awful, it does raise an interesting question – can winter sports help you lose weight?

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According to sports and nutrition experts skiing and snowboarding can help you to get fit, as it increases your heart rate and helps the body burn calories. In fact, studies have shown that six hours of skiing can burn up to 3,000 calories!
Apparently the specific type, speed and gradient of skiing you choose will aid weight loss. According to experts, the faster and steeper the skiing the more fat you will burn, as your body will need to work harder to control your movements and keep your technique correct.
However, there are a few things you should always keep in mind when hitting the slopes;
Nutrition is really important in fitness and weight loss – to help aid exercise and weight loss you have to give your body the correct fuel – otherwise you may burn out half way up a mountain. Drink plenty of water, carry healthy energy packed snacks and make sure you have a decent breakfast and evening meal.
Never ski or snowboard beyond your abilities – in our more energetic moments most of us have probably overdone the exercise and ended up very sore the next day. Of you try to ski or snowboard outside of your fitness levels or skills you could end up either very badly hurt, or unable to ski due to muscle pain. Don’t ruin your trip by overdoing it.
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