Holiday Destinations to Avoid!

Over the years travel has become easier and more accessible to a larger population, and this freedom to indulge our wanderlust seems to push travellers to weirder and more wonderful locations every year

However there are some destinations which particular travellers may want to avoid. Here are our top 10 destinations to think twice about before visiting;

If you want a busy atmosphere we wouldn’t recommend Buford in Wyoming, which is one of the smallest towns in the USA. Up until its sale in 2012 the population of Wyoming was 1 single resident! Instead opt for a metropolitan to find the hustle and bustle you are looking for, somewhere like London, Paris or New York.

If you’re cruising we wouldn’t recommend heading to Micronesia, as it holds the record for most ship wrecks (albeit mainly dating from World War II). On the other hand, if you love to scuba dive this destination will be perfect for you. Instead opt for cruises which visit several different locations, for example a Mediterranean Cruise will be perfect for sun worshippers.

If you want beautiful scenery don’t bother planning a trip to Ramree Island in Burma. The island is actually just a massive swamp over run with dangerous wildlife including the deadly saltwater crocodile and venomous scorpions. During WWII there was a battle fought on the island, only 20/1,000 soldiers returned because most had been killed by wildlife. Instead head for places which are a little safer to wonder and explore, for example New Zealand for Iceland.

If you want beautiful weather avoid Mawsynram in India, where 12,000mm of rain falls every year, making it the world’s wettest place. Instead head for somewhere like Australia or Dubai for fantastic weather; blue skies, white sand, hot sun and cool seas.

If you’re planning a staycation stay away from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. This area is apparently the unluckiest place in England, because of the extremely high accidental death rate (the highest in the UK in fact). Opt instead for somewhere like Wales or Devon, both of which offer some fantastic scenery, great activities and a friendly atmosphere.

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