Local customs to consider when travelling

Did you know?
Never pass or accept anything with your left hand when you’re in Indonesia – it is seriously rude.

When paying for items in Mexico, do not “pay the counter” as this is considered very disrespectful. Instead ensure you place the money in the hand of the person.

Don’t blow your nose in public in Japan, it is an offense.

When in Brazil, do not be tempted to circle the thumb and index finger to form the “okay sign” as it is considered vulgar.

Don’t chew gum, drop litter, spit or fail to flush the toilet in Singapore as it is illegal

If you are in Bulgaria, remember that they shake their heads from side to side to indicate yes and move their heads up and down to indicate no.

When taking items from people in Asia, use both your hands. It is a sign of respect.

Do not touch someone on the head in Thailand. The head is considered to be very sacred here.

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