Stay Safe in the Heat

The recent heat wave across the UK means that many people might choose a staycation instead of heading abroad to catch some sun this summer. However, it is important to remember that the heat and sun are just as dangerous in this country as they are anywhere else in the world.

Most people are aware of the importance of applying sun protection and drinking plenty of fluids when they are abroad, however many do not practice the same precautions in their home country when the weather is hot and sunny.

For anyone planning to enjoy the sun this summer, read our safety tips below to avoid a nasty burn, dehydration and worse;

· Before coming into contact with the sun, make sure you apply plenty of sun protection of at least factor 25.

· Reapply sun screen every few hours and after contact with water, e.g. swimming.

· Make sure you wear sun glasses with UV protection for your eyes, and also bring a sun hat and cover up, in case you want a break from the sun’s rays.

· Take regular breaks in the shade and drink plenty of water.

· Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol whilst in the sun, and this will dehydrate you.

· Consider taking a break from the sun at midday to avoid the hottest time of the day.

· After calling it a day, make sure to apply plenty of moisturiser or after sun.

· The final point is simply to be sensible! In the UK we tend to get really carried away when we get these rare days of sunshine, however, just pretend you’re in a foreign climate, and act as you would abroad to protect yourself and your family.

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