The Tour de France 2014

The annual Tour de France begins on Saturday 5th July and will cover over 3,600 kilometres before finishing on 27th July. The Tour will encompass 21 stages, covering parts of the UK and France, including 6 mountain routes with 5 finishes at altitude, and only 2 rest days.


Although the Tour de France is an extreme version of competitive cycling, it always serves as a reminder of how fantastic cycling is – not just for health and fitness, but also for allowing you to truly explore when travelling abroad and in the UK.
During the televised footage of the tour, you will see some breath-taking views and fantastic locations, ranging from mountains to cities. This type of experience would not be possible in a car, as you would probably zoom through without a second glance.
If you’re considering a cycling holiday abroad, here are our top tips to consider before you book;
• Book with care – before booking your trip, always ensure you have done adequate research…

– If you’re planning to take your own bike abroad, will it be allowed onto the plane, or will you need to pay extra? (Do you have suitable cover in place to protect your bike against loss, damage or delay?)

– If renting a bike abroad, have you found a reputable company with decent bikes and good customer service reviews? (Do you have correct cover in place in case your accidentally damage the bike?)

– If booking with a tour operator, do they get good feedback from previous customers?

– Are the routes suitable, e.g. do you want to tour through small towns and avoid hilly terrain or do some adventurous biking in the mountains?

Make sure you have asked yourself these questions before handing over any money.
• Know your fitness – cycling is a fantastic way to stay fit, however if you haven’t been on a bike for years you may struggle with this type of intense cardio exercise. Make sure you warm up to a cycling holiday slowly by getting out and about at home first to increase your fitness.
• Get the right kit – whether it is a legal requirement in your chosen destination or not, you should always wear a cycling helmet. This will protect you if you have an accident, and could prevent a much more serious injury. You could also invest in some quality biking attire, which will help your body to stay cool during exercise, but will also protect your shoulders from the sun.
• Finally, always get quality travel insurance – when participating in any sport abroad, it is really important that you have adequate cover in place, to protect you and your equipment against any tour disasters. For more information visit Holidaysafe’s Cycling Travel Insurance page.
Enjoy the Tour de France!

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