Customs Regulations

Each country has varying rules about what you are allowed to bring into their country, if you are travelling between European countries the rules are usually less strict than if you travel further afield.

Nevertheless, customs regulations can be extremely strict, and if you are caught with a banned item or substance, you could face a hefty fine, arrest and even imprisonment.

Before you depart, do some research or check with the airline to make sure, but to be safe, do not travel with these items;

• Drugs, including steroids and banned substances. If you need prescription medication, in some countries you may need to produce a prescription to prove you need it.

• Fruit and Vegetables.

• Meat and Fish.

• Dairy Products.

• Natural products such as shells, coral and some types of wood.

• Plants and plant products.

• Animals.

• Weapons.

• Obscene Materials.

• Large sums of cash – without declaring it.

• Large amounts of cigarettes, alcohol and gifts – without declaring them.

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