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Over 40% of travellers believe travel will become more difficult if UK heads for Brexit, says

  • 44% anticipate travel becoming more difficult if Britain votes to leave the EU
  • 33% of UK travellers state that ease of travel in the EU has a bearing on how they will vote in the EU Referendum
  • 10% anticipate a Brexit having an impact on future travel plans

Despite the strong political opinions circling the Brexit debate, there still does not seem to be a clear winner, yet nearly half of voters in the EU Referendum believe their travel plans will be affected by a Brexit vote, says travel insurance specialist

Its research* also revealed that a third of respondents anticipate ease of travel throughout the EU to be impaired if there was a Brexit vote which would sway their opinion at the ballot box. Around 20% stated that a Brexit would have an impact on their future travel plans – half of which will cut holidays and travel overall, while the survey’s findings found that it may result in a slight rise in staycations. Six per cent of the total pool surveyed stated that they were likely to travel fewer times should Britain vote to leave the EU.

A Brexit could also see the UK exit the European Health Insurance Card scheme, leaving holidaymakers without financial protection if they do not have quality travel insurance.

Amber Howard, brand manager of, said: “There are many variables that have yet to be decided so it is difficult to predict exactly how travel would be affected in the case of a Brexit. However, our findings show that travellers are clearly worried about the impact of the UK leaving the EU and could vote to remain purely on the basis of ease of travel and cost.

“Whether the country votes to remain or leave the EU, we would always encourage travellers to make sure they have travel insurance that is appropriate to their holiday plans, especially if taking part in extreme sports.”

*The research was based on 3,253 UK residents surveyed by Holidaysafe throughout April 2016.

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