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Over 86% of travellers say they are planning a staycation this half term, says

  • Over 80% of travellers say issues with migration and terrorism in Europe have not affected a preference for staycations over international travel.
  • Of those surveyed, 86% are planning a staycation this autumn half term
  • Fluctuations in the US Dollar and GBP have not affected travellers’ plans.

The poll, in association with Honest Mum, found that 86% of those surveyed were planning to take a staycation this half term. However, it seems that recent issues with migration and terrorism in Europe are not to blame for the trend in staycations. In a separate survey of customers, 80% of respondents stated these problems have not influenced them to preference a staycation over international travel.

The survey also found that recent fluctuations in the US Dollar and GBP have not yet had an impact on travellers’ plans. Indeed, 14% of polled respondents said they were planning to travel abroad for the October half term, with destinations such as Tukey, Spain and Cyprus proving popular with those in search of autumn sun.

Anyone travelling to countries which are part of the EHIC scheme should carry the card as it remains valid until we officially leave the EU.

Many people believe that travel insurance is not necessary for trips within the UK, due to the NHS system. However, travel insurance can still provide cover for holiday disasters such as cancellation, or lost/damaged personal possessions”

*The research was based on two surveys: 10,713 UK residents surveyed by through Honest Mum throughout September and October 2016 and 3,420 UK residents surveyed by Holidaysafe throughout September 2016.

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