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Over 90% of travellers say their travel plans have not changed since Brexit, says

  • Over 80% of travellers would not consider travelling to Tunisia for their winter break, even if it was to be declared safe by the FCO
  • Of those surveyed, 75% will not be taking a foreign holiday during the Autumn half term this year, preferring to stay home
  • Over 80% of travellers state that migration and terrorism issues have not made them more interested in taking a staycation rather than international travel
  • Fluctuations in the US Dollar and GBP have not affected travellers’ plans.

Over 90% of those surveyed by travel insurance specialist have not changed their travel plans since Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU), despite the increase in violence in tourist spots around the world, and the many strong opinions surrounding the Brexit debate.

Around 80% stated that migration and terrorism issues in Europe have not made them more interested in taking a staycation, rather than international travel. However, the survey shows that over 80% of respondents would not travel to countries which have perceived terrorist threats such as Tunisia; even if it was to be declared safe by the FCO.

Of those surveyed, 75% of respondents said they would not be travelling abroad for the Autumn half term, although 90% stated that the fluctuations in the US Dollar and GBP currency rates have not changed their travel plans.

Anyone travelling to countries which are part of the EHIC scheme should carry the card because it will remain valid until we officially leave the EU.

Amber Howard, Brand Manager of, said: “It is important that people understand that their EHIC card can still be used until the date is set for Britain to leave the European Union. Our findings show that people are quite rightly worried about travelling to countries deemed unsafe by the FCO, however, it is positive to see that terrorism and migration issues have not made travellers wary of international travel on the whole.

“We would always encourage travellers to carry their EHIC card when travelling to European destinations, as well as taking out travel insurance which is appropriate for their holiday plans.”

*The research was based on 3,420 UK residents surveyed by Holidaysafe throughout September 2016.

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