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1 in 4 Holidaymakers Struck Down with Food Poisoning

According to recent research from law firm Slater and Gordon, 1 in 4 Brits have been struck down with food poisoning during a trip abroad, leaving many seriously unwell and unable to enjoy the rest of their holiday.

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Slater and Gordon conducted the research after seeing a sharp increase in the number of people asking for legal advice, following a bout of food poisoning abroad. Egypt, Spain and Turkey top their list of most complained about destinations when it comes to food poisoning in particular.
Their research found that a third of people who had suffered from food poisoning on holiday, had spent the remainder of their trip in bed recovering. Whilst one in twenty were forced to cut their trip short and return home early, because they were too ill to continue their holiday.
50% of those surveyed were so worried about contracting food poisoning that they avoided foreign food altogether, and 40% said concerns over hygiene would affect their next holiday destination choice. 20% also said they would never visit India, as they were too concerned about suffering from ‘Delhi Belly’.
Thankfully, most bouts of food poisoning are short lived, and most people find themselves fully recovered within a few days as long as they stay hydrated and seek medical attention. However, other cases of food poisoning can lead to more serious complications, for example Salmonella can be extremely nasty.
If you’re planning a trip and are worried about food poisoning, just ensure you eat at reputable restaurants with good hygiene standards. Also ensure you invest in quality travel insurance, which can step in and cover bills if you need to seek medical attention. Visit for more information.

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