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1,000 Mile Motorcycle Challenge

Most of us know Guy Martin as a motorcycle racer with a love of technology and absolutely no fear of speed, however we recently saw him in a different light when he travelled 1,000 miles around India for a Channel 4 documentary.

Taj Mahal India

‘Our Guy in India’ was a two part special which hit our screens back in February, and proved very successful. The cameras followed the 33 year old as he navigated the notorious and dangerous traffic on Delhi’s roads, waited 12 hours for a delayed train and then competed in a race with 1,200 competitors in Goa.
You are probably wondering which piece of high tech equipment Martin used as his transport of choice? Well you may be surprised to learn that he completed the trip on a Royal Enfield, a British bike which stopped being made in the UK during the 1970s. The model is still extremely popular in India, and was the perfect choice for this trip due to its reliability and sturdy design.
When speaking about his trip, Martin commented that the poverty he encountered was sobering, and made him think about how materialistic the Western world can be.
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