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2011 Travel in Statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released the latest figures and statistics about the holiday industry in 2011.

The most important and interesting statistics include:

The amount of holidays booked by British people remained almost the same throughout 2011/2010 – at around 55.7 million.
Trips to European countries = +1% to 43.3 million.
Trips to North America = +1% to 3.6 million.
However trips to all other parts of the world = -6% to 8.8 million.
Trips classes as Holidays = -1% to 36.2 million.
Trips classes as Business = -1% to 6.7 million.
Trips to visit friends or relatives = +4% to 11.3 million
Trips classes as ‘Miscellaneous’ = -12% to 1.5 million.
Spending on trips = -3% to £30.9 billion.
Visits to the UK = +2% to 30.6 million.

Current predictions suggest that the holiday industry will continue rise in 2012, especially in the cheapest European destinations.

Visits to the UK will also see a massive increase thanks to the Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

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