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2014 Travel Figures Confirm Favourite Holiday Destinations

According to official travel statistics from the Civil Aviation Authority, Spain was the most visited country by UK airline passengers in 2014, rising by nearly 4.5% since 2013 (or 10,000,000 visitors!).

If you’re looking for holiday inspiration, the top 20 countries visited by Brits in 2014 include;

1. Spain – including the Balearic and Canary Islands (34 million passengers)

2. USA  (17 million passengers)

3. Germany (12 million passengers)

4. Italy (11.9 million passengers)

5. France (10.6 million passengers)

6. Ireland (10.4 million passengers)

7. Holland (10.6 million passengers)

8. UAE (6.2 million passengers)

9. Portugal (6.1 million passengers)

10. Switzerland (6 million passengers)

11. Turkey (5.7 million passengers)

12. Greece (5.6 million passengers)

13. Poland (5.2 million passengers)

14. Canada (3.1 million passengers)

15. Denmark (2.9 million passengers)

16. Norway (2.7 million passengers)

17. India (2.7 million passengers)

18. Sweden (2.6 million passengers)

19. Cyprus (2.2 million passengers)

20. Egypt (1.9 million passengers)

As you can see, Spain was by far the most popular destination for Brits in 2014, followed by USA, Germany, Italy and France to make the top five.

Looking at the other end of the scale, Australia saw the largest decline in British travellers, falling by over a third from 744,000 in 2013 to 488,000 in 2014. This figure is surprising considering the great weather, wealth of experiences and activities, plus the native language presents no barriers for families. However, the 24 hour flight may just be a step too far for parents with young children.

Furthermore, the research also found that all London airports experienced a rise in passengers, whereas airports such as Liverpool and Cardiff experienced a decline.

In 2014 airlines carried 238 million Brits around the world, showing an enormous increase in previous years. In fact, the figures falls just short of the 241 million industry peak which was reached in 2007 before the recession hit.

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