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5 Travel Mistakes Everyone Makes

We’ve all had that moment when travelling, whether you’re a Longstay backpacker or a long weekender, the ‘D’HO’ moment when you realise you’ve made a travel mistake. To try and help anyone planning a future trip, below are the most common mistakes travellers make, and the solutions to avoid them.


1. I didn’t get Travel Insurance – travel insurance is absolutely vital for anyone planning a holiday, whether worldwide or in the UK. It will protect you if you have to cancel your trip, if you face a medical emergency, if your personal possessions are lost or stolen, and much more. Before you travel, make sure you research and invest in travel insurance which meets your needs.
2. I forgot to pack…– the most common mistake people make is forgetting to pack something important and instead packing stuff they might not need. Most airlines now have very strict weight restrictions on luggage, so why waste time and money packing things you don’t need? A good tip is to start making a list of things you need to pack a week or two before you’re due to leave, this will give you an opportunity to pack outfits together instead of random items, and will also give you a chance to remember everything you will need.
3. I should have done more research – this could refer to any part of the holiday; the location, the accommodation, the local laws and customs or even the airline. It is extremely important to do plenty of research before you book your holiday, for example if you’re planning to backpack around several countries during a Longstay adventure, make sure you have the correct visa.
4. I’ve spent the holiday budget already – many people struggle to stick to their holiday spending budgets, and end up eating into their savings to pay for meals and days out. The solution to this again refers to research, if you’re on a strict budget it isn’t realistic to head to really expensive places like Ibiza. You need to decide how much money you realistically have to spend, and choose your destination based on the currency exchange rate and the cost of everyday items. For example, a backpacker may choose to save Australia for another trip, and instead backpack around a more purse friendly destination like Thailand.
5. I didn’t know it was a private clinic – If you need medical attention whilst abroad, it is important that know how to contact the emergency services, and the difference between state and private medical facilities. You will be charged for medical treatment in private hospitals and clinics, whereas treatment in a state facility will usually be covered by your EHIC in Europe or by your travel insurer. Always contact your travel insurer as soon as possible when seeking medical treatment, because they will be able to offer help and liaise with your doctor.

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