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75% of Brits want Airlines to Ban Reclining Seats on Flights

The now infamous ‘Knee Defender’ row on a United Airlines flight back in July sparked international debate amongst travellers, on social media sites, and in the news.


Now, a new poll has revealed that three-quarters of British travellers want reclining seats to be banned by airlines, and a surprising 27 per cent have admitted to having an argument with a fellow passenger in front of them over their reclining chair.
Pet peeves from thousands of British flyers have also been revealed in the poll, which was carried out by a flight comparison site.
More than 73% of participants in the poll said that their pet peeve was being split from people they were travelling with, as it left them feeling concerned, whilst another 66% said they hated passengers in front of them reclining their seat and invading their ‘limited leg space’ which they considered to be ‘rude’.
The respondents which bought up fellow passengers reclining their seat whilst in front of them were also asked if they themselves reclined their seats whilst flying. Two thirds of the participants admitted that they did.
39 per cent of respondents to the survey commented and said that when the person in front of them reclined their seat, it prevented them from using their tray. Most travellers use the tray to prop up a tablet, book, laptop, food or use it as somewhere to rest their head.
To add to the reclining chairs debate, 12% of poll participants said they intended to buy some Knee Defenders before their next flight, after hearing about them via the media.
Antoine Michelat is the co-founder of JetCost and commented on the results of the survey: “The issue of reclining seats has received a great deal of attention recently and it’s got people wanting to purchase knee defenders to prevent others invading the limited leg space they already have during a flight.”
As some airlines have confronted the debate head on and diplomatically advised passengers against using the Knee Defenders, other airlines have said that if the Knee Defenders are used on their flight, the passenger will be kicked off for tampering with airplane equipment.
“A simple solution for this would be for the passengers to stipulate when booking if they want a seat that reclines or not – if they do they’re seated with others who also wish to recline their seats, if they don’t then they’ll be seated with others who don’t wish to recline their seats. I think that banning the ability to recline your seat during a flight might be a tad drastic, but if people are going to continue being kicked off their flights over this, it may be the best solution in the long run.” Mr Michelat added.
In response to another recent survey, Monarch Airlines has been the first airline to announce they would be introducing non-reclining seats across its fleet of planes later this year.

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