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A Lesson in Airplane Etiquette

There are quite a few things which make us dread the airport, including screaming children, long queues and delays. However, there is nothing worse than waiting for a check in desk and spotting a large group of travellers, probably heading for a sporting tour, or hen/stag do, who are already loud and probably slightly drunk. Although you may hope beyond hope that this group is not getting onto your flight, they probably are.

Some groups will be very thoughtful about other passengers, however many groups will drink and shout throughout the entire flight, making everyone crazy. Even little children who would normally have been screaming and kicking your seat are embarrassed and shocked into submission by their behaviour.

Such a scene seems to have taken place last week involving Gavin Henson, famous for his relationship with Charlotte Church as well as his sporting career. Henson has served as an important reminder to every one of the importance of good airplane behaviour.

Henson was on a flight returning from a match in Glasgow last week when he apparently started to throw ice cubes at other passengers. The rugby star, who admitted that he had been drinking heavily, has since been sacked from his team following his behaviour.

Holidaysafe Brand Manager Amber Howard had a similar experience on a recent early morning flight, where a stag group (dressed as woman – as you do), all shouted ‘GOOD MORNING’ at the top of their lungs, every time one of the lovely cabin crew or airport staff wished them good morning (between 4 and 7am!).

The lesson here is that unnecessary noise and disturbance is not fair to other travellers, and causes even more stress than a trip to the airport already offers. Therefore, to help avoid any unnecessary travel stress, let’s all remember airplane etiquette, namely:

. Keep noise down – everyone is excited about their holiday, but there is no need to sing and scream!

. Control bored children – obviously small children are going to get bored during a long flight, so try to pack enough books, toys and games to keep them amused. Most people will understand when children cry and become distressed during the flight, but the ones who run up and down the aisles and kick seats will not be thanked.

. Don’t invade other people’s personal space – there is nothing worse than sitting on a long flight where the stranger next to you keeps nodding off onto your shoulder.

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