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A Summer Holiday in Space

Back in 2012 it was announced that Virgin were on the verge of creating the first ever commercial flight into space. Understandably, the entire world seemed to be gripped by astronomical fever, as everything from childhood dreams to the future of planet Earth were debated.

Now it would seem that commercial space travel really is becoming a reality, as yesterday it was announced that musical icon Bob Geldof will be jetting off next year for the sum of £64,000 (or $100,000).

Mr Geldof is due to start training for his intergalactic odyssey very soon, which shows just how much commitment the journey entails. Other celebrities, who have also signed up to be launched 62 miles away from the Earth, include Model Doutzen Kroes and DJ Armin van Buuren.

Unfortunately, due to the high ticket price it would seem that space travel is still out of reach for the majority of us, however, why would you consider venturing away from planet Earth when there is still so much to explore?

Although viewing our planet from above would be amazing, it is something which will be available during our lifetime – so in the meantime, explore everything the planet has to offer and save up for your rocket ticket.

There are so many beautiful and amazing places to visit and things to see on this planet which may vanish during our lifetime, for example endangered species in their natural habitat, lush rainforests, and the Aurora Borealis.

Enjoy what the world has to offer, (before venturing to infinity and beyond!) with
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