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A Very Scary Stay

Halloween or ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ has been celebrated around the world for generations as a day to remember all departed souls, including Saints and Martyrs. However, the festival has now evolved into a night dedicated to all things ‘scary’, and celebrated with fancy dress, scary stories and trick or treat.

If Halloween is your favorite night of the year, why not indulge your love of the ghastly and ghoulish by taking a scary trip. There are a number of things you can do around the UK and worldwide to celebrate your love of fright, including;

· Stay in a haunted house – there are thousands of ‘haunted’ places to stay around the world, whether you visit a scary motel in the USA or a ‘most haunted’ style mansion in the UK.

· Watch a frightening film on a large scale – if you fancy a weekend away, there are always special screenings of scary films around the UK during Halloween, in cinemas, in the great outdoors and in spooky locations, to really set the scene.

· Make the scariest destinations come alive – if you really want to indulge your dark side, why not visit Salem in the USA which was home to the witch trials? Or head to Transylvania for a taste of vampire country.

· Experience Halloween through another culture – Guatemala celebrate Halloween slightly differently to trick or treating, for them Halloween is a time for celebration, color, music and family. This is their day to dedicate to lost loved ones, by creating alters, partying and flying burning kites.

. If you decide to indulge your love of all things scary, just make sure that the nightmare doesn’t become a reality by investing in quality travel insurance. Without adequate cover you could face terrifying bills if you encounter a holiday disaster, visit for more information.

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