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Activity Christmas Presents

With Christmas day being just one month away, have you ever thought about buying gifts with a difference?
Adrenaline junkies … here are a few ideas

Tandem Skydiving or indoor skydiving in a windtunnel, In the past fifty years or so Parachuting and Skydiving have moved into the recreational arena, fast establishing themselves as firm favourites for novices an adrenaline junkies alike

There are many Sports car driving experiences, you could even drive a tank

You can sphere on your own or as a tandem, Sphereing is the most fun you can have with a hill and a giant bouncy ball. Reaching speeds of up to 30mph before coming to rest safely at the bottom, it’s the revolutionary adrenaline thrill that’s even more fun when you go with a friend!

Segway Rally
Smoothly navigate a variety of different terrains at high speed

Bungee jumping
The art of hurling yourself off a platform while attached to an elastic band – is the original, and still the best, adrenaline experience, including Bridge bungee

Everything you were told never to do as a child by the sea! This is not simply swimming in the sea, climbing on the rocks or cliff jumping. This is a novel mix of exploration, adventure and adrenaline

White water rafting
Battle through rapids and emerge victorious with this white water rafting thrill

All of these adventure gifts are suitable for him or her, as well as buying an activity gift for Christmas , also purchase your Sports travel insurance at

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