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‘Advensioners’ Spark New Golden Travelling Trend

Whilst many people might think that the best time to travel is during a gap year – either between school or university and The Real World, or during a sabbatical from work – a survey by Fidelity Worldwide Investment has suggested that a new breed of retirees are making trends of their own and embarking on global adventures throughout their ‘golden years’.


Two in five retirees now draw up some form of bucket list of things they would like to do or achieve within their retirement years, 75 per cent of which decide they want to fulfil the dreams and capitalise on the things they couldn’t or didn’t do when they were younger, when things like family or careers came first. Now with more free time and freer income or savings to spend, retirees are taking the travelling world by storm.
Trips and holidays ranging from luxury getaways, classic road trips, adrenaline-rush activities and exotic locations are the top of most people’s itineraries but the survey, which asked 1,000 retirees to reveal their ‘ultimate bucket list’ of places they wanted to visit and things they wanted to do.
The most desired activity was to see the Northern Lights in Norway by a vast majority of the retirees, with a quarter of the survey’s participants preferring a slightly warmer climate and saying they would reward themselves with a relaxing and luxurious Caribbean cruise.
Living up to the ‘advensioners’ moniker, a fifth of retirees stated that they wanted to view the Grand Canyon’s spectacular sights by helicopter, followed by a tour of the Las Vegas strip, and other ambitious participants stated their desire to walk the Great Wall of China (18%), and go on a Route 66 road trip across the United States (18%).
As people are living longer, people no longer see the age of 65 as the age to slow down once you retire, as they did in the past. Many people who have retired are still as active, healthy and independent as those who are still working and as the survey’s findings show, they certainly intend on living life to the full – travelling the world, embarking on adventures and making the most of their well-deserved retirement.
“65 is the new 50” said Maike Currie, associate investment director at Fidelity Worldwide Investment. In many ways, your early retirement years are the best times to see the world, especially when health and financial issues are less likely to get in the way of travel. More than 50% of retirees believe their regular monthly outgoings will rise over the next five years with most of them putting this rise down to rising living costs, so all the more reason as to why people are making the most of the opportunity to travel whilst they can.
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