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Adventurer Travels for Five Months Cost Free

Most people save for years to travel the world, but British born model and adventurer Laura Bingham managed to do it all for free.  She travelled over 4,000 miles by bicycle over five months without spending a penny, relying entirely on the kindness of strangers.


The idea for her journey actually came from her previous adventures, which include moving to Greece on her own with no job or place to stay when she was 18, working in Mexico,  travelling on a 38ft Trimaran boat with a crew of just two people and a cat etc. etc.

During her trip, Miss Bingham would seek out kind strangers, who would give her some food and a safe place to pitch her tent in return for labour. On the whole Bingham was ‘blown away’ by the compassion she encountered, but there were some communities who were less than welcoming, forcing her to sleep in the middle of nowhere some nights.

Although there were times when she felt unsafe as a solo female traveller, Bingham told the Daily Mail that she highly recommends travelling off the beaten track, and exploring the places less travelled to really experience the local cultures.

Unfortunately she did encounter a few near crashes, and her fiancé was actually hospitalised after travelling out to cycle part of the journey with her. It is extremely important to remember that many countries outside of Europe will have very few rules regarding the safety of cyclists, hence the importance of wearing protective gear at all times and taking any and all precautions possible.

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