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Airline Travel – Agony or Ecstasy?

Do you feel that travelling by plane is one of the most exciting things you ever get to do, or is a horrendous trial that has to be endured in order to reach your chosen destination quickly?

For those of us who cannot afford the luxury of either a private jet, or first class travel it is a trial that must be endured. The problems start from the moment that you arrive at the airport, to be faced with a seething mass of people, dragging suitcases and children, searching for their airline check-in desk. Despite the airlines offering on-line check-in, with the promise that you can ‘beat the queues’ unless you are travelling just in the clothes you stand up in, you still have to queue to check in your baggage. ‘Baggage drop off point’ is clearly a misnomer as the queue is invariably as long as the normal check in line.

Once you have got in line, you can guarantee that you will be standing behind someone who, when they actually reach the desk, is totally surprised that the clerk has asked them for their tickets and passport! And why is it that these vital documents are always in the bottom of a piece of luggage that has been securely fastened for the journey!

So now your luggage has disappeared down the beltway, hopefully bound for the same flight as you, and armed with your boarding pass you head off for the departure gate. First you must negotiate the security channel. No-one objects to security, after all it is there for our safety, and the staff are always friendly and diligent, but why is it that even though the queues snake around the terminal building, they never have all of the stations open? Surely the management has a rough idea of when flights are due to depart, and therefore can estimate the ebb and flow of passengers, and cater accordingly?

Once through security you enter a new world, a world of shopping malls, restaurants, pubs and of course Duty Free. The regular traveller will not be seduced by these however, and will seek the sanctuary of one of the lounges!

Provided your flight is on time, you will be called to the departure gate around 45 minutes before take-off, but the departure gate is always at least a twenty minute walk from the main area. Once again you will find yourself trying to negotiate busy corridors with people dragging large suitcases and unruly children! You will wonder how these suitcases managed to get past check-in when you were quizzed over the size of your laptop bag!

At last you will be called to board your flight only to find that you are once again behind the person who does not have their boarding pass ready for inspection by the ever patient and ever smiling flight attendant. You find your seat and realise that you are in the middle seat and the two people either side of you are both ‘well built’. There is a young family behind you with a baby that cries all the time, and a toddler who is playing football with the back of your seat! When the flight is airborne, the person in front of you immediately reclines their seat into you lap and falls into a coma for the duration of the trip!

Then you arrive at your destination, you queue through immigration, and jostle for position at baggage reclaim. Finally you have your bags, you leave the airport and you holiday begins – instantly the trauma of the journey is forgotten ….. until you arrive at the airport to go home.

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