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Airplane Documentary causes Crash Hysteria

In October, Channel 4 aired a programme called ‘The Plane Crash’, which followed a team of scientists, experts and pilots as they deliberately crashed a passenger airplane into the desert.

The experiment, which took months to plan, was designed to see how the airplane would survive or crumble on impact, and where passengers (represented by crash test dummies) would have been safest inside. The results of this test were quite unnerving;

1. Passengers at the front of the plane, including the pilot and cabin crew, would almost certainly have perished.

2. The safest seats seemed to be in the centre and very back of the plane, where the crash test dummies only received minor injuries.


However, every crash is different, this plane crashed nose first, causing the nose of the plane to break off – hence why the back of the plane received less impact. However, just by changing the variables slightly, a completely different crash could have taken place.

Nevertheless, the documentary sparked a kind of hysteria, as worried customers contacted their airlines demanding ‘safe’ seats at the back of the plane. This has not been the only effect, airlines have reported a decrease in first class bookings, as first class is usually situated at the front of the plane – where the experiment deemed unsafe. Since the documentary aired, more people have also sort help for a phobia or fear of flying.

In our modern society plane crashes are (although not unheard of,) very rare, and modern technology has made air travel extremely safe – so there really is no need to panic. Airlines are working on safety features every day, to make sure their planes are as safe for passengers as possible.

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