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Alcohol and Adventure

Alcohol and travel is always a hotly debated subject, every year we hear about the dangers of drinking excessively abroad, from alcohol poisoning to drunken balcony falls. Alcohol can be safe in moderation but it can also be extremely dangerous, and if you have a holiday mishap abroad because you were intoxicated, your travel insurance might not cover the costs.

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Whether you’re planning a clubbing holiday filled with boozy nights out, or just a few drinks during your trip, avoid a holiday nightmare by following these top tips;



Remember that if you’re in a hot climate, you can become dehydrated extremely quickly if you only drink alcohol and not water, which can lead to horrible repercussions. Avoid a trip to A&E by skipping alcoholic drinks during the hottest parts of the day, and by drinking plenty of water between stronger drinks.



Measures and units of alcohol will vary abroad, and a single in the UK may look more like a double in your chosen destination. A recent study by Payingtoomuch found that 7/10 people drink more and for longer periods when abroad, so watch the quantities and units you are consuming, and never mix your drinks.



It is a proven fact that alcohol reduces inhibitions and our ability to judge danger – not to mention our balance, and unfortunately this has led to some rather high profile injuries and deaths around the world. Incidents can vary between broken ankles and concussions after falls in high heeled shoes, to travellers who feel brave enough to jump from rocks or between balconies. In fact, Payingtoomuch found that 4/10 people suffer an injury related to their alcohol consumption whilst abroad.



Remember, if a drinks deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Stick to official and mainstream drinks which you know can be trusted, rather than trying cheaper alternatives which may contain strange and dangerous ingredients. Never drink anything which you think may have been tampered with, for example bottles where the label appears to have been ripped from something else and stuck on. Never leave your drink unattended.


Travel Insurance

Be aware, if your travel insurer feels that you put yourself in unnecessary danger, or that your drinking was the cause of your holiday disaster then they may not pay for any of your bills. To avoid potentially colossal costs; drink in moderation, keep yourself safe, and try to take a moment to double check your decisions to make sure you would make the same one sober.

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