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Amazing Tribute to Traveller who died from Altitude Sickness

When setting off to travel the world, most people’s itineraries will naturally include some once in a lifetime activities, such as trekking world famous trails or climbing mountains. However, very few people stop to consider the physical hazards posed by these activities, and for one traveller unexpected complications cost her her life.

Lisa Orsi, aged 22 from Northern Ireland, died in Singapore last year from extreme altitude sickness, after trekking a popular tourist route up an East Java volcano in Indonesia. The Physiotherapist collapsed in her accommodation, and then spent 20 nights in a coma before doctors pronounced her dead.
Miss Orsi was a keen traveller, who always encouraged others to experience everything the world has to offer, so her parents have now created a ‘Take Lisa With You’ Facebook page. According to Lisa’s family, she was never able to finish her travels, and so they are encouraging travellers to take a specially-designed Gaelic football shirt away with them.
Lisa was a massive fan of Gaelic football, and was often pictured in her orange team shirt, so it is comforting for her family and friends to see her legacy living on in other traveller’s photos around the world. According to the page, over 70 travellers have taken one of the shirts to famous international landmarks since Lisa’s death.
If you’re worried about altitude sickness, serious symptoms which require medical attention include; a bubbling sound in the chest, worsening breathlessness, coughing up a pink frothy liquid, clumsiness or difficulty walking, confusion and a loss of consciousness.

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