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Animal Kingdom

Most inhabitants of the United Kingdom have, at one point or another, stared out at the miserable British weather and dreamed of visiting exotic locations all over the world. However, many Brits fail to realise that good weather isn’t the only difference between Britain and their chosen destination, and plenty of research is needed to ensure new dangers don’t ruin their trip.


In the UK we might have to deal with aggressive swans and the odd vermin, but places in the USA, Australasia and Asia have many more dangerous creatures to contend with.

For example, one unlucky traveller was bitten by a rattlesnake whilst camping in Wyoming USA with his family – a potentially fatal encounter. Thankfully he made a full recovery after receiving emergency medical attention; however his treatment involved four to six doses of anti-venom costing $20,000 per dose!

Another traveller did not realise that he should shake his clothes before putting them on whilst on holiday in Nepal (because we don’t do that in the UK!) However, his over site caused him quite a lot of discomfort when he was stung 5 times by a hidden scorpion.

These stories should not scare travellers out of visiting these amazing destinations, but instead should serve as a reminder that whilst looking at great beaches, hotels and restaurants, travellers should also spend time researching the potential hazards, to ensure they are as educated as possible. For example, should you be especially aware of pick-pocketers working in that area? Are there any tourist scams you should avoid? Do you know how to contact the emergency services?

This is the perfect time to start your research, especially as thousands of Brits will be heading to Brazil in a matter of weeks to watch the World Cup. These travellers should ensure they have had all the relevant vaccinations and booster jabs, including rabies as vampire bats are present in parts of Brazil!

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