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Annual Hair Freezing Contest

If you’re a fan of weird and wacky festivals around the world, then next February you should head to North-Western Canada for the annual Hair Freezing Content at the Takhini Hot Springs.

The natural hot springs reaches temperatures of around 42C, a complete contrasts from its surroundings, as February temperatures in this part of Canada can fall lower than -30C! This means customers can bathe in the warm waters, but as soon as their bodies are once again subjected to the cold wind, the moisture will start to freeze around them.

This gave the Management of the hot springs an idea, and every February they launch their annual hair freezing competition. Guests are invited to wet their hair in the hot springs, before removing it from the water and styling it while it freezes in the cold air.

Guests must then upload their images to the Takhini Hot Springs Facebook page for consideration, where a winner will be chosen and awarded a $150 cash prize for their creativity. You can see the winning shot from February 2015 above.

The competition has since gone viral, with the winning images displayed in newspapers and on websites all over the world – so there may be stiff competition in 2016.

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