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Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance – How to save money and reap the benefits!

Dependent on the policy and the type of trips you take, Annual multi-trip travel insurance may be a suitable product for you, even if you only take two holidays a year.

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Annual multi-trip travel insurance does exactly what it says, covers you for a year and allows multiple trips throughout that year. This sort of cover however is not to be confused with Long stay or Backpacker travel insurance, which is aimed at people taking one long trip throughout a year or more.

Annual multi-trip policies usually have a limit on the number of days you can be a way in any one trip, but no limit on the number of trips during the year. Most will range from 15 days per trip, up to 45 days per trip, although some policies exist that will allow 90 days and 180 days in any one trip.

Most annual multi-trip travel insurance policies will also have the option of adding a number of days winter-sports cover throughout the year, some travel insurance policies include this within the price.

Nearly all the policies on the market at the moment offer some kind of discount for couples and families, which really can have an impact on the savings made.

Who does it suit

The easy answer is everyone that takes two or more trips a year. Whether these are two week sun holidays, weekly city trips, visits to holiday homes abroad or mixtures of sun holiday and a winter holiday each year. The only difference between these are the amount of saving you might be making each and every year.

What are the benefits

For most people the benefits of buying and annual multi-trip travel insurance over buying multiple single trip travel insurance are:

Things to consider to maximise savings

Things to consider, to assist in saving money on annual multi-trip travel insurance;

Most good travel insurance companies will highlight the potential savings of Annual Multi-trip travel insurance. Some of the better ones will even work with you to calculate if indeed an Annual multi-trip travel insurance policies is suitable and what savings you might make.

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