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Are Cruises the Best Value Holidays?

According to recent research by, 1/10 cruisers always choose a cruise for their holiday, as they believe cruises offer the best value for money holiday.

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Many people seem to think that cruises are only suitable for older travellers; however, in our modern society cruise holidays are evolving all the time. Cruises are an excellent way to travel to multiple destinations without the hassle of traipsing back and forth to the airport. Furthermore, there is a cruise to suit every season and traveller; you could go on an Aurora Cruise, in search of the Northern Lights in Norway or Switzerland, on the other hand you could do a summer cruise, travelling around beautiful and tropical islands. surveyed 1,175 people, all of whom had been on a cruise in the last 24 months, in an attempt to understand their customer’s holiday habits. The participants were asked what holidays they go on apart from cruises; 27% replied ‘land based holidays’, 37% replied ‘skiing’, 15% replied ‘UK Weekend Breaks’, and the remaining 21% claimed they exclusively go on cruise holidays.
The researchers focussed on the 21%, and asked the participants why they only go on cruise holidays; 37% replied that cruise holidays offer better value for money than normal land holidays, 23% said cruise holidays offer the best way to visit multiple locations, and 26% said that cruises were more interesting than land based holidays.
Interestingly, out of all the people surveyed, 42% go cruising twice a year and 19% said they cruise three times a year. This research shows just how ‘addictive’ cruising can be as a holiday type, because it really can offer something for everyone. Whether you want to spend the day relaxing by the pool and then glam up for an amazing banquet, or spend the entire day participating in activities such as snorkelling and rock climbing before heading for a night on the dance floor, cruising can meet your requirements.
Just remember to adequately plan and research your trip to avoid a holiday disaster, for instance if you aren’t enjoying your choice of cruise then you can’t really just go somewhere else. Furthermore, standard insurance might not offer cover for cruising, so you will need to do your research.
If you’re interested in taking a cruise holiday, just remember to invest in specialist travel insurance before you depart. Holidaysafe offer great value Cruise Travel Insurance, and a Cruise Extension on all of their Multi Trip Policies.

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