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Are Most People Healthy enough for Space Travel?

With Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic making commercial space travel a very real reality in the near future, a recent study by the University of Texas aimed to find out whether normal people with stable medical conditions would actually be able to travel into space.

Astronauts must pass vigorous health and fitness tests before being allowed to leave the Earth’s atmosphere, however researchers at the Aerospace Medicine Group at the University of Texas seem to think that a range of commercial space passengers could be ‘fit to fly’, whether they have a clean bill of health or not.

The research used simulated space flight conditions in a centrifuge, to mimic the G-Forces and stresses imposed on the human body and mind when trying to leave and return Earth, as well as entering outer space. Interestingly, the study found that almost all participants with chronic conditions tolerated the simulated space flight without any issues or adverse effects to their health.

This means that space travel could be available to a range of people, whether they are as fit as an astronaut, or a bit more ordinary in their medical history. More research is obviously needed to look into specific conditions of varying degrees of severity, but for now the initial investigations are very positive.

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