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Are sports and activities covered on backpacker insurance policies?

For most people, gap years and backpacking adventures are once in a lifetime adventures, which means that travellers should take the chance to experience everything they can. This is why so many decide to partake in adrenaline pumping activities during their travels, for example bungee jumping and sky diving, or learning new skills like scuba diving and mountain trekking.


If you’re off on your gap year to wild and exotic destinations and want to broaden your horizons by trying some adrenaline filled activities, there are a few things you should consider…

  1. Double check that your travel insurance covers you whilst participating in your chosen activities.
  2. Always do your research and use a reputable firm who have all the correct licences and safety precautions in place.
  3. Once you know the activity is relatively safe, consider whether your Mum and Dad will approve. If not, consider hiding the photos.

When purchasing any type of backpacker insurance you must insure that the adrenaline filled fun you have planned will be covered, so you are not left high and dry, possibly literally. Many insurance policies won’t cover more extreme activities as standard, so you will need to double check whether your chosen activity is covered. If it isn’t you could face very expensive bills if you are injured during the activity.

Furthermore, if you think you might participate in some activities, but aren’t sure exactly which yet, then double check that your insurance can be extended to include cover for activities at any time during your trip. This should ensure that you are covered for most eventualities.

If you really want to put your nerves to the test, offer specialist gap year and backpacker policies will cover hundreds of activities like bungee jumping as standard for no additional premium. Holidaysafe also offers the option to extend your activities cover to include many more extreme and hazardous activities for a small additional premium, for example Scuba Diving to 40m, Sky Diving, Shark Cage Diving, and much more.

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