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Are Wild Animals Ever Really Tame?

Last week it was reported that a British tourist had been attacked by ‘tame’ cheetahs, as she visited an animal park in South Africa. The 60 year old woman from Aberdeen was visiting ‘Kragga Kamma Game Reserve’ near Port Elizabeth with her husband Archie when she was ‘mauled’.

The reserve welcomes tourists to enter wild animal enclosures to pet the Cheetahs and have photographs taken. The two Cheetahs, named Mark and Monty had been raised by the park since they were born, and had never been aggressive towards people before.

Apparently, an eight year old girl was also with the Cheetahs, but become frightened and started to run, the Cheetahs then chased and attacked her, when Mrs D’Mello tried to help she was also attacked, and needed stitches.

It is important to point out that these are very powerful wild animals, they should never be treated as pets and should be approached gently. Their natural instinct is to attack/play with prey which is running, and they are much more likely to attempt this with a creature they can sense is young and afraid.

When you are away it is extremely important that you make the most of your holiday, whilst also assessing risks and using common sense. Adrenaline pumping activities, such as bungee jumping, or entering a wild animal’s territory, whether you are swimming with sharks or going on safari, should always be taken with caution, and only if you have adequate insurance.

At every one of our travel insurance policies automatically covers you to participate in hundreds of activities, and we also give you the option to extend your cover to include hundreds more, including safaris, swimming with sharks, bungee jumping, snow boarding and much more.

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