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Are you Trapped in Holiday Deja Vu?

The majority of Brits save all year to pay for their well-deserved holidays, so the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination only to find that reality does not live up to the dream (or the holiday brochure pictures). However, a recent survey by has revealed a worrying trend towards the familiar.

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According to the research, over 29 million Brits travel to the same place each year. This may not sound worrying, after all ‘if it ain’t broke why try to fix it’ and all that, however the survey also found that 34 million of us have unaccomplished travel dreams, and only 10% of us will actually complete all of our travel dreams.
This is a sad statistic, as the world is packed full of amazing destinations and experiences just waiting to be discovered. Nevertheless, over 35% of us will continue to stay in the UK for our holidays, and the majority of others will only venture as far as Europe, most probably Spain or France.
On the plus side, the results showed that the average Brit will take three holidays in 2015, with one in four of us taking four holidays. Furthermore, we will apparently be taking one extra days holiday than we did in 2014 – not only ensuring that none of our paid holiday time is wasted, but also giving us perfect opportunities to make those travel dreams come true.
Interestingly, our priorities appear to have changed when booking a trip, with sunbathing slipping down the list, and activities such as sightseeing, eating local food, cultural excursions and sporting activities gaining in popularity.
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