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Aren’t you Forgetting Something?

As the days get longer and the sun desperately attempts to shine through the thick UK cloud, many of us have forgotten winter, and are instead looking forward to our summer break. However, according to a recent pole we should think carefully about how we treated our possessions on our winter trip, before departing for our summer holidays.


Research by the Post Office found that over 140,000 travellers lost something whilst on ski holidays last winter alone! Many reported returning after a day on the slopes only to find that their possessions were missing, whilst others watched helplessly as their items fell from the ski lift, never to be found.
The research found that the top 10 items lost last winter included;
• Boots

• Cameras

• Glasses

• Keys

• Money

• Phones

• Ski Jackets

• Socks

• Tablet Computers

• Watches
Although spending the day at the slopes is very different to a day at the beach or pool, it is still extremely easy for your possessions to go missing. Furthermore, most travel insurance policies will exclude cover for items lost at a beach or lido, or items which were left unattended (for example while you run for a quick dip in the sea). Therefore it is really important that you protect your possessions by following these tips;
Keep it Locked
Although it may be tempting to stick your tablet in your beach bag in case you get bored, it would be much safer to leave any expensive items including jewellery and gadgets back at your accommodation. If there is a safe on offer, you should store anything important in there when you leave the room, to ensure it is protected and out of sight.
Pick your Accessories Carefully
Beach bags are fantastic for lugging supplies, but they aren’t usually so good for securing possessions, as things can easily fall out or be taken. Make sure you invest in a bum bag which you can keep with you at all time, and store any money or important bits without fear of pickpockets.
Take it in Turns
Whilst it may be lovely for your entire group to swim in the sea or pop to the ice cream shop, you should never leave your possessions unattended – even if you are only walking a few strides down the beach. Take it in turns to fetch food and drink or cool off in the sea.

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