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It’s Monday and the weather is becoming less summery across the UK, so why not spend 5 minutes this afternoon fantasising about your travel dreams, and finding out what it means to be a real Longstay backpacking traveller with the advice below…

B – budget – when planning a Longstay trip abroad, your budget will decide where you travel, and what experiences you have. For example, if you have a large budget you may decide to travel around Australia and fit in a bungee jump, where as someone on a smaller budget may choose to cycle in Europe.

A – adventure – the whole idea of backpacking and taking extended trips abroad is to explore different cultures and experiences, to have once in a lifetime adventures.

C – contact – depending on where you decide to travel, and the gadgets you want to bring, you will still have to accept that you won’t have extended contact with your family for the duration of your trip. If your chosen location has good wifi you might be able to Skype quite often, or you can look into good international call deals.

K – karma – most backpackers strongly believe in backpacker karma, for example, if you help a fellow backpacker who is lost, you will get good karma.

P – packing – whether you’re planning to travel with just a backpack or a bit more luggage, you will need to get used to packing effectively and efficiently – always pack a first aid kit, photocopies of important documents, and leave room for souvenirs.

A – activities – if you want to partake in activities during your trip, make sure you factor these into your budget, have adequate travel insurance, and use a reputable company.

C – cover – always invest in quality and specialist Longstay travel insurance before departing for a backpacking trip. This should ensure you have a safety net if you face a disaster.

K – knowledge – many people are prepared to explore during their trips, but many aren’t prepared for just how much they learn, about different locations, cultures and about themselves. Always be prepared for culture shock, and to learn from the people around you.

E – energy – if you’re travelling in a small group or even solo, you have to be prepared to keep the energy levels up. There will be days when you’re feeling tired, homesick, and generally fed up, you cannot let this last long – move onto the next adventrure!

R – reputation – make sure you don’t create a bad reputation for backpackers in your chosen destination by respecting local laws and customs, and treating any place you visit as you would like tourists to treat your home town.

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