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Back to School with a Large Fine!

Across the UK there are thousands of Parents and Grandparents working extremely hard and saving up to take their children on nice holidays, however they seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to treating their children.

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Everyone knows that holiday costs increase during the peak travel seasons, and this is even more dramatic during the school Holidays. Therefore, to make extensive savings, many families may opt to book the start of their holiday just inside term time, so their children miss a few days of school.
Many will remember the last weeks of term to be filled with videos, outdoor games and special treats following exams and projects. However, UK Schools are no longer allowed to grant absence from school for ‘special circumstances’, for example a family holiday abroad, and only ‘exceptional circumstances’ will be considered.
Furthermore, according to recent research by the BBC, the number of parents being fined by Schools for taking their children on holiday during term time has increased dramatically. The 34 councils across England are taking a very strict approach to children missing school, and have issued over 5,000 fines, an increase of 70%, under Section 444 of the Education Act.
Unfortunately it would seem that there are no longer any ways to avoid term time holidays, however there are still tips and tricks which families can use to save on their yearly holiday. For example;
Don’t be late – the number one rule in finding budget friendly holidays is to start looking for deals as soon as possible. Leaving your booking until the very last minute is an extremely risky strategy, and will probably mean that you end up paying more.
Do your research – being an expert money saver does involve time, effort and research. Take time to visit different providers, both online and on the high street, see what they are offering and for what prices. This will allow you to get an idea of what holidays and costs are available.
Be flexible – if you have a specific destination or location you want to visit then that’s fantastic, but if you’re willing to be flexible you may find a great deal on another destination which could be equally great and a fraction of the price.
Finally, when planning your budget make sure you include family travel insurance. For further information, visit

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