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Back to the Future!

Almost everyone has seen the infamous ‘Back to the Future’ films, staring Marty McFly and the
wacky time travelling ‘Doc’, and last month a picture of the time travelling dashboard with the date June 2012 was released on the internet. The reaction through social media was immense, with everyone celebrating ‘Back to the Future Day’.

Unfortunately, this picture turned out to be an internet hoax, with the real date reading 21st
October 2015. Nevertheless, it did ignite imaginations to ponder what the film had predicted for the future, and what has actually been achieved so far.

For example, in the film they have Flying Cars, the ability to travel through time and Hover Boards. Now although we have not achieved this level of scientific innovation, we do enjoy a number of other unexpected luxuries, for example the internet, smart phones (when they work!) and larger than life televisions.

We also enjoy a greater amount of freedom when it comes to travel, although we haven’t quite mastered time travel, teenagers like Marty McFly now have the opportunity to have their own kind of adventure to new and strange places. Anyone can travel the world on almost any budget, and experience exotic cultures and distant lands; furthermore, travel is not limited to the young, with rising numbers of seniors taking the leap to travel further afield and for longer.

If you’re interested in having your own kind of adventure, or even just exploring the world while you wait for a Hover Board to be invented, just remember to purchase quality travel insurance before you travel. Without travel insurance you leave yourself vulnerable to potentially massive bills if you have a holiday disaster. offer Single Trip and Backpacker / Longstay Travel Insurance policies to suit any holiday and any budget, so visit and explore what the world has to offer.

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