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Backpacker Mischief

According to a recent news article, a British Backpacker named Alex Neale has created quite a stir in Australia after harmless mischief turned into a dangerous game of surfing, and was then broadcast on the Australian Channel Nine news network.

Mr Neale, who is 28 years old and in Australia on a working visa, was broadcast on national TV around Australia after he was captured ‘surfing’ on top of a moving delivery truck, near the North Coast.

After seeing the footage many Australians took to the web to complain about road safety fears and ‘backpacker mischief’, and the images even caused the Police to get involved!

However Mr Neale has since come forward to defend himself. He explained that he had climbed on top of the stationary truck to take a funny picture, a bit of harmless fun. However, the truck had then begun to move suddenly, and Mr Neale was forced to cling to the roof for fear he would fall into the road.

Mr Neale tried to alert the driver without success, so his only choice was to cling to the roof for over three miles until the truck came to a stop.

Although this example may seem out of the ordinary, it is a perfect example of why every backpacker should invest in quality travel insurance, and perhaps why they should think twice about a ‘great’ photo opportunity. Without travel insurance you won’t have legal protection to help you sort out a misunderstanding with the law, plus many more potential holiday mishaps.

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