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Backpacker Reunited with Priceless Holiday Snaps

Nowadays, one of the most important pieces of travel kit is definitely a camera. Whether that’s a GoPro, a mobile phone or an expert piece of photographic equipment, travellers want to capture, share and keep their priceless travel memories forever. However, for one backpacker disaster struck when he feared his photos were lost forever.

Winter sport selfie

Chris Hesford from Jersey was half way through a round the world trip when his beloved GoPro was lost, taking with it two months’ worth of images from his once in a life time trip. Hesford was kayaking with friends off the coast of New South Wales, Australia, when his camera was swept away by a strong wave.
Mr Hesford returned home and assumed that his holiday snaps were lost forever, however 6 months later he was contacted by an Australian man who had found his GoPro. Despite spending 6 months in the water, and being swept 60 miles away from the place it was lost, the memory card was still intact.
The ‘good deader’ was Steve Carmondy, who launched a Facebook campaign to reunite Chris with his pictures after finding the GoPro in a river bed. Eventually he managed to track him down over the social media site, but uploading some of the images and starting a man hunt which went viral.
Chris is now awaiting his GoPro in the post, and is looking forward to seeing the pictures of his travels around Australia, America and Figi (before the camera’s real journey began).
If you’re travelling abroad with gadgets just make sure you have proper insurance in place to protect them during your trip. Make sure you constantly back your images up to avoid losing them forever!

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