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Backpacking Couple Track Miles Travelled in Photographs

When you realise that your life is stuck in rut what should you do? Well according to Stefan Sagmeister (‘the Godfather of creative sabbaticals’) you should take a break from work and travel the world to get your creative juices flowing again.

Chanel Cartell; a Creative Director, and Stevo Dirnberger; an Art Director, both from Johannesburg had grown tired of their daily grind, and were feeling particularly uninspired when they attended a conference and listened to a speech by Sagmeister.
The couple soon decided to quit their jobs and leave their lives behind to pursue a travel sabbatical.
To date the pair have travelled nearly 7,000 miles around Austria, Germany and Norway. Their plans include travel to Sweden, Greece, Australia and Thailand over the next few months.
They are paying for the trip using a mixture of savings, sponsorship and companies which offer accommodation in return for volunteer work.
The majority of modern day travellers now track their journey using photographs, but this power couple have gone one step further by taking pictures in key places with a count of how many miles they have travelled scribbled on a black chalk board. One of the best images so far is of Mr Dirnberger standing on top of the alps confirming, they had travelled 9,245km by that point in their trip.
If you’re planning a ‘creative sabbatical’ to travel the world, don’t forget to include travel insurance as part of your to do list. Without travel insurance you could be vulnerable to expensive bills if you suffer a holiday disaster.  We offer specialist Longstay, backpacker, gap year travel insurance and couples travel insurance policies. Make sure you are covered when abroad.

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