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Beat the Recession

In recent years British people have been badly affected by the recession. Job cuts, wage freezes and the constant rising costs of living have left us all feeling drained. However, it would seem that the worst affected demographic is definitely young Brits, who have faced great difficulties in getting on the career and housing ladder or affording higher education.


This economic struggle has caused an interesting trend amongst young people. Not only have many decided to take a gap year to travel abroad, avoid the recession, work, and gain life experience, but it also seems that many of these travellers have decided to boycott the British economy for a bit longer and remain abroad.

It has been revealed by Projects Abroad a company specialising in arranging gap year opportunities that growing numbers of gap year school and university leavers are extending their stay abroad beyond the originally planned term since the onset of the recession.

An unprecedented number of requests have been received from young people who, fearful of the slim opportunities to find work or embark on their careers, have decided against returning to the UK.

Many are obviously hoping to gain more experience abroad, including learning a new language, volunteering and perhaps even finding work, which will improve their CV for when they eventually return home.

The job situation is exacerbated by the increased number of school and university leavers planning to take a gap year because of the recession.
The firm’s chairman Dr Peter Stowe said “In nearly 20 years of operation we have never seen young people basically not wanting to come home.” He explained that hundreds of requests have been made on behalf of youngsters working in third world countries.

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