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Best Value for Money Destinations

Every year millions of people travel to destinations all over the world – but which really offers the best value for money? Hotel booking site ‘Hotel Info’ set out to answer this question once and for all, by surveying the opinions of two million travellers (including asking for feedback on thousands of hotels around the world).

The results were extremely interesting, and found that Leeds scored the highest points for locations in the UK which offer the best value for money. Sheffield came a close second, followed by Liverpool, Bristol and Belfast. Coventry, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Cardiff all featured at the bottom of the UK list, as visitors found the hotels on offer were not good value for money.

The World Wide results were just as interesting, with the following destinations voted best value for money;

1. Prague

2. Lisbon

3. Riga

4. Budapest

5. Warsaw

6. Berlin

7. Bangkok

8. Sofia

9. Vienna

10. Dublin

On the other hand, the following locations were voted worst value for money;

1. New York

2. Rio de Janeiro

3. Copenhagen

4. Moscow

5. Oslo

6. Amsterdam

7. London

8. Sydney

9. Stockholm

10. Zurich

If you’re planning a trip, just remember to do plenty of research on available accommodation before booking. Ask yourself if you really need to stay in the centre or busiest area, where prices will be expensive and accommodation potentially cramped, or could you stay a few miles away – save money on bigger/better accommodation – and simply travel into the centre on public transport each day?
Make sure you explore all options before making a potentially expensive holiday decision.

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