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Best Value Summer Holiday Destinations

Every year the Post Office conducts its annual travel money and holiday costs analysis, which examines the costs of everyday items in holiday destinations, such as eating out, sun tan lotion, newspapers, insect repellent and ice creams. The findings of this report should then give bargain hunting holiday makers the perfect value for money summer holiday destination.

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Overall, the survey found that prices have dropped in popular European destinations this year, meaning that travellers could save up to a fifth compared to last year. When this is teamed with the stronger British Pound, British Travellers have a great chance to bag a bargain destination.

For the last few years Spain and Portugal have topped this affordability list, however, this summer true money savers should apparently look towards Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. The new King of bargain destinations topped this list because of a 16% fall in prices compared to last year, with the costs of eating in restaurants looking very favourable.

In fact, when the Post Office researchers played Supermarket Sweep in Bulgaria, their shopping basket of essential items was nearly £10 cheaper than the in the second place location, Marmaris in Turkey. Other great value for money European destinations are Crete, Corfu and Istria.

If money is no object when it comes to your holiday plans, you may be interested in visiting Tuscany or Sorrento in Italy, which were the most expensive resorts surveyed for the second year running.

If you’re planning your summer holiday, just remember to include travel insurance in the budget. Without quality travel insurance, you could waste your holiday spending money trying to rectify a holiday disaster, such as cancellation, medical emergencies and lost or damaged possessions.

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