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Beware of Mis-Sold Travel Insurance!

In recent years there has been a lot of press coverage on the subject of consumers being mis-sold insurance. The biggest issue has definitely been PPI insurance, which was wrongly sold to millions of people around the UK, who can now claim compensation.

Travel Insurance

In recent weeks there has been another consumer uprising, this time against mis-sold travel insurance. One consumer watch dog in Italy has recently fined Easy Jet and Ryanair over €1,000,000 (or over £800,000) for misleading customers on their websites, and automatically opting each customer into their travel insurance plan. This means that millions of customers could potentially have purchased travel insurance without even realising.
People who did spot the pre-ticked travel insurance option, reported that they found it very hard to find any information about the policy, for example the policy excess, which they would be expected to pay in the event of a claim.
Travel Insurance is something we all know we should purchase when travelling abroad, however many of us choose convenience and price over levels of cover and suitability. This means that people only realise the true value of their insurance when they need to make a claim. Unfortunately these airline giants were also poorly rated on their claims departments, using premium rate telephone numbers, and asking customers to purchase certificates from the airline to substantiate their claims, which the claims department had free access to.
Ryanair are planning to fight the ruling via their lawyers, but both companies are planning to make changes to their websites.
To make sure you are not mis-sold travel insurance, and that your cover actually meets your needs, follow the simple steps below;

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