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Biggest Travel Annoyances…Plug Sockets

When travelling the world, either for business or pleasure, one of the biggest travel annoyances is to arrive at your destination only to find that you cannot use any of your electrical equipment.

Many of us will have a few European adapters hiding around our houses (but never to be found when we travel to Europe), however there are actually 12 different types of plugs and plug sockets around the world. Some have three prongs, others only have two, some will have square prongs, and others will have round prongs – its a minefield!.

Arriving at your destination only to realise that you cannot use any of your electrical equipment is extremely frustrating, especially in our modern society when smart phones, cameras, IPods and tablet computers will all need to be charged at some point during trips abroad.

In the UK we are quite used to our large three pronged plugs, which have a fuse readily built in and fit nicely into all of our plugs. However, our plug is actually quite weird compared to other plus, due to its sheer bulkiness.

This led us to wonder why there are so many different variations of plugs around the world, and the answer seems to be that different inventors and companies around the world created the different designs and voltages, meaning that once use had become widespread, changing was not an option. Furthermore, countries have invested heavily in their different systems, so changing or choosing just one would be very difficult.

Therefore it seems there is no hope for travellers of the future; however, with a small amount of pre-planning and minimal cost, this annoyance could be avoided by purchasing a universal adapter. The Universal adapter can be changed to fit plug sockets around the world, and shouldn’t be affected by different voltages.

Enjoy what the world has to offer, without those little travel annoyances, and

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