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Bitten by a Crazy cat in Thailand

Former Glamour model Samantha Fox had been dining out whilst on holiday in Thailand,and was bitten by a cat, the bite reached down to the bone.

Sam was advised by the owner of the restaurant to seek immediate medical attention,
She was given the all clear but feared she could have contracted rabies.
Her regret was not seeking medical advice before her trip.
Sam has now teamed up with 8 weeks to go , a campaign which advices people to see a health care professional 6-8 weeks before travelling, to make sure you have the correct preventative injections, for the Country you are travelling to.
Rabies is one of many vaccine-preventable diseases, yet more than 55,000 people die from the disease each year , a rate of one person every 10 minutes.The rabies virus causes swelling of the brain, with symptoms including fevers, severe headaches and a fear of water. It is almost always fatal if untreated straight away. it is so important to make sure you get medical advice from a GP, practice nurse or from a travel health clinic before travelling overseas.

As well as visiting your GP before travelling, remember to Buy travel insurance

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