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Born To Be Wild

There is a little of the Easy Rider in all of us. The thought of setting off on a road trip astride a powerful motorbike, with only essential items in your backpack, excites the redundant hippie in us all.


Motorcycle enthusiast?

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, who sees yourself as another Steve McQueen, Peter Fonda or Marlon Brando (or even The Fonz!!) then you must have experienced the sheer frustration of discovering that your travel insurance policy will only cover you when riding bikes on holiday that are no more powerful than a measly 125cc’s.
Well, you will be pleased to know that the team at the award winning travel insurance specialist, Holidaysafe has come up with special motorcycle travel insurance, designed by bikers for bikers.
Holidaysafe Bikers Travel Insurance will cover you to ride any size of motorbike provided your UK driving licence allows you to do so. It doesn’t matter if the bike belongs to you, you have hired it whilst on holiday, or you are road riding, track riding or planning an off road adventure. You can also pay a small additional premium to be covered for racing!

The right Motorcycle travel insurance

In addition to the usual Holidaysafe cover, the motorcycle travel insurance also covers:
• Cover to ride any size bike, as long as you have the correct UK licence.

• Lost, stolen or damaged apparel, including leathers, boots, gloves and helmets. Plus cover for your tail pack or tank bag.

• Cover for touring, track days and off roading as standard. Plus cover for motorcycle racing for a small additional premium.

• Cover for pillion passengers, as long as they are wearing a helmet!

• Cover for medical emergencies, personal accident, personal possessions, cancellation and much more.

• Single and Multi Trip policy options with a range of cover levels, plus cover for the UK, Europe and Worldwide is available.

• Plus benefits if you are unable to ride your bike, and cover to collect your bike if you are forced to leave it behind, due to illness, injury or mechanical failure.
If you’re thinking of motorcycling this summer, just remember to invest in specialist Motorcycle Travel Insurance before you depart. Visit for more information.

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Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices.
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