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Are you Brave Enough for The Feast of Fire and Ice?

Every year thousands of weird and wonderful festivals take place around the world, from the stunning Festival of Lights in Hawaii to the annual La Tomatina festival in Spain. However, festivals don’t get much weirder (or literal) than the recent ‘Feast of Fire and Ice’ festival which took place in Hangzhou City, the capital of east China’s Zhejiang Province.


The ‘feast’ basically involved participants sitting in baths of ice (which were regularly topped up during the contest), in around 38°c external heat, and eating as many spicy chillies as they could in two minutes. Interestingly the chillies were handed to participants by woman dressed in skirts made of chillies, which I’m sure was greatly appreciated by the contestants.

Hordes of brave men and woman signed up to take the challenge, but many were unable to brave the weird mixture of temperatures, and so bailed on the exercise quite quickly. However a few contestants made it through to the end, displaying some interesting facial expressions during the trialling two minute contest.

Unfortunately we were unable to find the name of the winner, but we do know that he managed to devour an impressive 47 hot peppers in two minutes, and that he was given a solid gold pepper as his reward.

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