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Brits Waste Two Days of each Holiday Worrying about Home

According to recent research commissioned by, the average Brit spends 15 minutes per day worrying about work or home during their holiday, and one in three holidaymakers can’t ‘switch off’ for at least the first two days of their holiday.


The study, which questioned over 2,000 British adults, also found that one in five feel compelled to check their work emails during their holiday, to ensure everything is fine at home and to allow them to properly relax. Furthermore, the majority of people keep their phones with them throughout their holiday, and expect to take work related calls, texts and emails during their trip.

Worryingly, 34% of people admitted to worrying about mounting workloads during their absence, and 21% day dream about work whilst by the pool. The most concerning finding from the research was that 29% admitted to finding their holiday more stressful than relaxing.

Main stresses highlighted by the survey were finances and workloads, including meeting targets and paying bills, followed by the health of family members left at home.

Holidays are meant to be a respite from the stresses and strains of everyday life, offering a chance to relax and rejuvenate before heading back for another few months of work. If we’re not taking this opportunity to disconnect from work and reconnect with loved ones, then stress levels could start having serious negative effects on our health. Please ensure you use your holiday time for its intended purposes! Enjoy what the world has to offer, with

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