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Business Travel Costs set to Rise

Every year thousands of people jet around the world for business rather than pleasure, because being able to quickly reach and communicate with overseas partners and markets is an essential part of modern business. Business travel allows companies to make new partnerships, sustain lucrative ones and build on current successes or failures.


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However, according to a recent survey by AirPlus, the cost of business travel is to rise in 2014, with 40% of international travel managers bracing themselves for the increase. The survey found that over 30% of managers were expecting an increase in international business travel, and over half expected their trips to remain the same in 2014.
This trend will obviously differ depending on the destination, for example Spain is a very big destination for business travel, however in recent years it has been quite badly affected by the economic crisis. On the other hand, emerging markets such as Brazil, India and South Africa are expecting more business travellers this year.
If you’re planning an international business trip, in Europe or further afield, it is really important that you invest in quality Business Travel Insurance to protect you against an unforeseen holiday disasters. Without business trip insurance, you could be vulnerable if your business equipment, money and samples are delayed, lost, stolen or damaged.
Furthermore, specialist insurance can step in if you are unable to commence or continue your business trip, with benefits to send someone else in your place, so you don’t lost that new client.
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